At Bindaas Unlimited we create beauty by way of art, design, products, and relationships. We have serious fun collaborating with rural and urban artisans, designers and artists. 

We make playful contemporary, hand printed, natural dyed textiles, t-shirts, towels, stoles, bed spreads, handbags, hand-made paper books, jewelry and a zillion other things. We also make art- both in a formal way, yes that museum kind, and in our products too.

Working at the intersection of creativity and community development since 1992, we enjoy the huge amount of variety we manage to create.  We make small hand-made batches of everything. And refuse to charge high end prices, to spread the love, and of course to increase rural employment by producing more.

We have wonderful, long lasting relationships with the people we work with. And we make our products and our art in the same traditional workshops that they work in. These craftspeople have been our gurus and a window into a whole other way of living and being.

© 2017 by Bindaas Unlimited.

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