Community Trust


Bindaas Unlimited Trust works with communities of many kinds with an emphasis on craft communities. 

We provide support of different kinds ranging from funding, training, networking and on the ground work to organisations and individuals in India since our founding. From distributing solar lanterns to craftspeople, to organizing village events that honor distinguished artisans, we work to build strong foundations for craft communities. We are currently part of an effort to design better tooling for different craft skills.

We support organizations ranging from animal shelters, mental health service providers and homes for children, etc in several different ways. 


Some of the organisations we have supported/partnered with over the years are:

Karm Marg


Rupayan Sansthan

Umeed Child Development Centre



Nalandaway Foundation

Yakshi Creativity Centre for Rural Children

Siddi Women Quilts Coop

Rastra Chenetha Jana Samakya Weaver Organisation

Neighbourhood Woof

All Creatures Great and Small

Learn for Life Empowerment

Art Reach

Kala Aur Katha

Blue Mango Trust

The Reading Raccoons

Manthan Sanstha Kotri

Blinded By Color Rainwater Foundation

Jan Sandesh

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We can only accept donations from Indian bank accounts. Unfortunately, no contributions from foreign bank accounts are possible for now.